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Running your online shop has never been more attainable, now with Retailak you are few clicks away from launching a successful online business, and growing your customers base.

Retailak is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that can bring a dramatic increase in sales to your business, by highlighting your brand's unique selling point, customizing the whole look and feel, and ensuring the seamless experience of your customer.

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Build your store with all the digital features of today

Make your customers’ purchase journey fun and simple by including all the latest digital features in your online store.

ERP System
Secure payment gateway
Search Engine Optimization

What we deliver to you always in specific time

We are committed to connect businesses with customers, and we understand the challenges of selling your products online from inventory management, pricing, payments and delivery. That is why Retailak includes its own ERP system and can integrate with any ERP system you have in order to access any information faster.

Retailak is a flexible platform, that can be customized to give your online shop a unique user-friendly interface, different languages capabilities, and fully responsive themes that allow your customers to live a consistent experience no matter what device they are using to browse your online store from.

Pick a Plan and Start Building Your Online Store

Retailak helps you kick start your business by offering you more than one plan to choose from
depending on your online store’s needs.

Off the Shelf Mix and Match Tailored to You
ERP System
Product Categories
Shopping Cart
Item Favourites List
Product Filtering / Sorting
Cash on Delivery / Online Payment Options
Tracking Sales and Growth Trends
Supporting English/Arabic Languages
Responsive Design
Promocodes ــــــ
Push Notifications ــــــ
Unlimited Bandwidth ــــــ
Product Search Engine Optimization ــــــ
Customizable Layout ــــــ
Multiple Store Inventory ــــــ ــــــ
Specific Tailored Design ــــــ ــــــ
Set up Time 48 hrs 5 Days 1 Month
Pricing Plan $199 per month $249 per month Request Quotation