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Our concept at

Retailak is an online retail solution; it’s solely built and constantly developed to help you in expanding your business by helping you sell any goods online on a secure ecommerce platform. With all the seamless functionalities, you will be able to connect with your customers like never before, also you will be able to reach new customers and stand the competition in the digital era.

Retailak is not one-size-fits-all solution, as we know that each business has a uniqueness point and we are looking to shed some lights on it. Also we don’t build a solution from scratch upon each customer’s request. We have already built the base (The ERP system, Android app, IOS app, and the website) and our research & development team are working on developing and enhancing them all the time.

On the other hand, we work with our customers in reflecting their unique identities on their online stores by going hand in hand through setting up a simple to use and
intuitive interface.

Our solutions

Off The Shelf



This is the fastest solution in the e-commerce world. It is where you get your online store up and running in three simple steps.

First, you pick one of our ready-made solutions, then you provide us with the colors and logos of your brand so that we can use it and customize the interface, and finally, we implement the solution at your end. That's it, you are all done.

This three steps program is not only the fastest way to build an online store, but it also comes with the least price.

Starting from: $159

Mix and Match



This is the most common case in retail world. When you are selling what the others sell but you have an edge, you want to highlight those strength points by adding a specific feature or removing one. You want a fast solution but you need some tweaks.

That is why we have built all our solutions depending on modules that can be modified or removed. Where also you can combine the efficiency in cost and time of all those ready
made modules with the privileges
of tailored solutions.

Starting from: $199

Tailored to You



If you need something special, built from scratch, and tailored to your business needs, we are here to help. We have accumulated experiences in building modules that answer the most complicated business requests to very high standards.

We make web, desktop and mobile applications from scratch, assisting you from day one of the project. Our services go far beyond the code development. We provide deployment, maintenance and user experience design services.

why choose

We work with all types of companies and many different cultures and styles ranging from start-ups to major companies. We promise to provide state-of-the-art technology, with the most convenient business manners and the best value for your money, besides our technical superiority.

In addition to that, we are locals. You don’t need to localize the experience, or the language. We know the problems facing the market here and we work on developing solutions. We are also flexible, we provide different modules, different interfaces, and different packages.

We have competitive prices. The cost of developing, updates and fixes are distributed on many customers. We are experts; each one of the team has a proven track- record in his field. Finally, we are up and running, our solutions
are now adopted by big names, and we are moving forward in adding
new clients to the list.

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